Welcome to the Pilates studio at Fürstenplatz. 

With personal training to success

When it comes to our health we all have a common goal – we want to be healthy, fit and feel good in our bodies, however, how we reach these goals is very individual. 

Pilates is a specific concept of movement that will enable you to be stronger and more flexible and will also enhance your coordination skills based on your personal needs. 

My personal or duet training will give you the opportunity to get to know this method in great detail and, thus, successfully strengthen your entire body. My training takes place in a private and relaxed atmosphere.

I look very much forward to getting to know you and help you reach your own personal potential.

Patricia Kottkamp

Certified Pilates Teacher 

“Pilates is complete coordination of  body, mind and spirit.”

Joseph Pilates

Pilates Personal Training is suitable for everybody

Pilates is a training for the entire body and suitable for beginners and advanced, to prevent or to cure injuries at any age.

Preventive Pilates

The deep postural muscles and all muscles close to the joints are strengthened through Pilates. This helps release tension in the neck and shoulder area and can also prevent back pain and alleviate problems in the hip and knee joints.

Pilates for athletes

With many sports you train your muscles intensively while often the focus is only on specific body parts giving rise to an imbalance. This imbalance can be offset by an individually tailored Pilates practice. As a result your performance will be improved and the risk of injuries is minimized.

Pilates for seniors

People of all ages can practice Pilates. The holistic Pilates training helps you build strength and stability, improve flexibility and increase vitality.

As you get older, your strength and flexibility naturally diminish. However, through regular Pilates practice you can counteract this natural effect.

Pilates for rehabilitation

Should your mobility be limited through pain in your back, or in your shoulder, hip or knee joints Pilates exercises can be modified in order to help you move your body efficiently and thereby stabilize and carefully tone your muscles.

Pilates for pregnant women and mothers

I offer a Pilates training especially designed for women during their pregnancy and/or after giving birth to help strengthen the pelvic muscles. The exercises will deepen your self-perception, ensure your inner balance and, therefore, tone your whole body. In this way, you will gain a source of power to help you with the new challenge in your life.

Babies are always welcome in these lessons!

Pilates – the method

Pilates is a movement and fitness concept developed by Joseph H. Pilates (1888-1967). This holistic training incorporates strengthening and stretching exercises. There are about 500 different Pilates exercises that can be practiced on the mat and on classic Pilates equipment such as Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrel, Spine Corrector or Ped-o-Pull. The aim of Pilates is to strengthen and mobilize the body and, at the same time, release tensions and compensate muscular imbalances.

Joseph Pilates was convinced that people would be healthier and happier once they got in touch with their own bodies and learned how to feel and control them. He called his method “Contrology”.

Eve Gentry (1909-1994) was a dancer and choreographer and practiced with Joseph Pilates and also worked with him in a professional capacity for almost 30 years. In 1955 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and during an operation a part of her large pectoral muscle had to be removed. Because of consistent training with Joseph Pilates she could return to the stage after only one year.

In Santa Fe she founded her own studio for ballet and Pilates in 1968. It was there where she developed the Pre-Pilates exercises for people who were completely inexperienced in Pilates or people in pain, or with physical restrictions.

My focus: Your health and physical well-being

While studying social education in Düsseldorf I had the opportunity to do therapeutic body work with people suffering from multiple sclerosis. The success I saw with this encouraged me to dig deeper into body work. A few years later, after an accident, I was introduced to Pilates and was absolutely amazed how quickly my strength and flexibility came back.

I completed my first training for Pilates instructors for mat and all equipment at Pilates bodymotion. After that I completed a comprehensive teacher training in the Pilates classical tradition and studied the repertoire of Eve Gentry by April Jones at Pilatesworks, in Switzerland. April Jones had completed her own Pilates training by Michele Larsson at the studio in Santa Fe, founded by Eve Gentry, where she also worked as a Pilates instructor for several years before moving to Switzerland. April is the co-founder of the Swiss Pilates Association and, with her experience of over 30 years, one of the most outstanding trainer instructors around.

Before moving to Düsseldorf I worked at pilatesworks in Erlenbach, and at bdpilatesstudio in Zurich as a personal trainer for many years. During that time I attended different seminars by Jean-Claude Nelson, Brett Howard, Deborah Lessen, Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle and Gary Carter (Anatomy), as well as continuous workshops and coachings by April Jones.

I am a certified Pilates teacher for mat and all apparatus and I teach all levels.

I offer classes in German and English.

„The training in the Pilates studio on Fürstenplatz gave me a completely new body feeling.“

Lydia Wierdak

„Patricia has an empathetic way of dealing with my problems and she guides you through the exercises on the equipment with a lot of know-how.“

Christine Preuss

„Pilates is more than just a workout, it aims at a holistic body awareness.“

Sharon White

„I finally found a method for myself to regain a good body feeling after my injury.“

Ulf Richter

„Change happens through movement and movement heals“

Joseph Pilates


Private lessons single and by subscription
Private lesson for one
1 lesson 95 €
5 lessons 460 €
10 lessons 900 €
1 trial lesson 75 €

Private lesson for two
1 lesson 60 € per person
5 lessons 280 € per person
10 lessons 550 € per person
1 trial lesson 50 €

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All lessons last 55 minutes and are agreed upon individually.

I look forward to meeting you!

Patricia Kottkamp

How to find me


Studio: Fürstenwall 236
40215 Düsseldorf


+49 170 5726440